It’s impossible to count all of the wheels in the world. We’re constantly creating more wheels, as we have since the invention of the first wheel around 3,500 BCE.

In 2022, there were over 1 billion passenger cars. That’s 17 per second!, and Hot Wheels makes close to 15 cars per second. This doesn’t include all the wheels that are made each day for shopping carts and airplanes, office chairs, or other non-Hot Wheels toys.

Let’s look at the various types of wheels to get an idea of how many there are in the world.


In 1886, was the first car. Since then, wheels have been a part and parcel of human life.

Today, there are 1.446 billion cars worldwide. Multiply this by four to get 5.784 billion wheels.

It’s true that most cars made in the world are now four-wheeled. But, the number of two-wheeled vehicles has risen over the years. There are now over 600 million motorcycles and scooters. In fact, most countries make their own two-wheeled vehicles. There are also a lot of scooter-like vehicles in China and India.

Motorbikes & Bicycles

Sometimes, two wheels is all you need – just ask bike and motorcycle enthusiasts!

Since 1817 when Karl von Drais, a German inventor, invented the first bicycle, there have been about 1 billion bicycles worldwide. Gottlieb Daimler in 1885 invented motorcycles. Today, there are only 600 million.

We add at least 2 Billion wheels to the mix of motorcycles and bicycles – and that’s without taking into consideration gears!

Toy wheels

Toy wheels include LEGOs, Hot Wheels cars, Tonka trucks, Razor scooters and the Fisher-Price corn popper toys that toddlers push around.

Hot Wheels has sold over 6 billion cars. This means that there are approximately 24 billion¬†tiny wheels out there, Hasbro’s pint-sized construction vehicle has been sold in millions. There have been over 15 million sales just of the iconic yellow Mighty Dump truck. There are 60 million more.

We could go on, but adding up all the sales for every toy car company would be too difficult. Suffice it to say that if the gears-and-steering-wheel argument didn’t convince you, the toy industry produces enough wheels every second without a sweat.

Other Wheels: Shopping Carts, Trailers and Furniture

It’s clear that wheels are more than enough, judging by the number of toys and cars. If you are still not convinced, have a look around your neighborhood and home.

Have an office chair? This is an average of five wheels. Hand trucks, shopping carts, trailers and baby strollers all come with wheels. Furniture with wheels in your home counts as. Every sliding drawer in your house must have at least two wheels.

In The End

Although we aren’t able to estimate the number of wheels worldwide, it doesn’t matter. We have already identified over 37 billion possible wheels in the world, which is way that wheels are more than enough like doors other things.

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