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White Lie Shirt Ideas

White lie shirt ideas, with good white lies for your party White lie definition regardless of whether you’re planning an event for a birthday with a fashionable white lie party at college or an upcoming white lie bachelorette party You’ll enjoy these for your white-themed parties. Don’t forget to check out our suggestions for alternatives to white lies for your party rules, and a massive list of white lie shirt ideas to make your party more fun!

What Does it Take to Make a White Lie Shirt Party?

  1. The White Lie Shirt Party Rules: Everyone must wear a white t shirt with a white lie written in it.
  2. Use permanent marker to write a white lie on your shirt. You can write something as simple as “I’m always on time” or a confession to a white lie shirt, such “I didn’t steal from my Grandma when I was 6.”
  3. Remember that a white lie is a small lie that does not inflict harm on others or cause them to feel hurt.
  4. Tell the stories behind your lies to each other. The more embarrassing the better!
  5. Have fun, meet new friends, and have fun with your party guests.
  6. OPTIONAL: Make a TikTok white lie shirt party video! TikTok users should tag the video #whitelieshirtparty
  7. Enjoy fun deception and lie games using a white theme shirt party
  8. On the invitation to a white lie shirt party, explain the purpose and the rules of a white lie t shirt party.

What is a Good White Lie?

A white lie that’s innocent and funny, but doesn’t offend anyone or make them feel bad. White lies parties are funniest when you make fun of yourself in a funny way.

Let’s begin by explaining what a white lie shirt party is…

What is a White Lie Shirt Party? (aka: What’s a White T-Shirt Party?)

You may not have heard of the white lie shirt party. The white lie t shirt party is a TikTok trend concept. Invite your friends to a party, where everyone must wear a white t shirt and tell a white lie. You want to get to know your friends by sharing little white lies with them or simply having fun laughing with them.

These are some great white lie shirt ideas for you party. These white lie t shirt ideas will make you laugh! Let’s talk about how to make it more enjoyable!

White Lie Shirt Ideas

  • Send out fun white lie shirt party invitations or flyers.
  • Everyone should be able to understand the meaning of the rules and white lie shirt party.
  • Either people should wear white t shirt that are filled with lies, or they can provide white shirt for people to use to make their white lies.
  • Allow everyone to mingle and share their white lies stories.
  • Decorate using all white light.
  • Use funny puns for white food
  • You can play lie games (use this lie detector to have maximum fun!).

These are easy to adapt for any occasion, including white lie shirt ideas for college parties and white lie t shirt parties!

Decorations For White Lie Parties

  • Use all white decorations and make it an all-white shirt party theme.
  • Light up with clear LED twinkle lights
  • Make a photo background or TikTok video area using white fringe. is a video or photokit.
  • You can write lies about famous people on chalkboards, and then place them around the shirt using the white lie shirt party captions
  • For photo props, use quotation bubbles such as this.
  • These white retro sunglasses can be used as shirt party favors, especially if you’re playing Guess the lie! This will allow people to cover their eyes!
  • Hand out white glowstick bracelets
  • Take a group photo and ask everyone to write their white lies on the frame.

White Lie Shirt Party Outfits

Plain white t-shirt for men and women are the best. They can be purchased in cheap packs of several white t-shirts, or you can purchase preprinted cute white lie shirt. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, as long as it is white and you aren’t afraid to write white lie phrases with a marker.

White Lie shirt party Games (and Alternatives)

  1. At your shirt party, set up a “station for white lies”. A group of friends should write down their top white lies on slips. Have your friends write down their best white lies on slips of paper and then have others guess. You can give out humorous prizes, such as this, or these.
  2. Alternative Lie Shirt Party Idea – Have guests submit their white lies beforehand (only you will know which lie belongs to which person). Each guest should be given a lie that they must wear on the shirt party. Ask guests questions and have them try to figure out who’s lying on their party.
  3. You can play “telephone” using white lies. Everyone should sit in a circle, and each person must whisper a white lie for the person sitting next to them. The circle must then be closed and the last person to join the circle must guess the truth.
  4. Make a white lie, “truth or dare” on a piece of paper. These can be folded up and placed in a container. Each guest takes turns choosing a piece of paper. Then, they have to decide whether or not to answer the white lie.
  5. Jot down the lies of celebrities and famous people. Guess who the lie is.
  6. Play the best story wins.
  7. Create a shirt party game with prizes. Give prompts throughout the ball and have someone tell you a lie story.
  8. Play never have you ever (17+).
  9. It can be a shirt party of themed lies. For example, only white lies about ex boyfriends/girlfriends/friends or school or work.

Funny White Lie Shirt Ideas

You can tell white lies to anyone wearing a party. Remember, white lies for parties should be funny, innocent, and fun.

These white lies examples can be used for white lie shirt party college-age and up These white lies shirt party examples can be used as captions for Instagram or TikTok!

Let us know what you think about these white lie shirt ideas!

White Lie Shirt Ideas For Girls

  • Ready in 5 minutes!
  • I really want to date you.
  • I hate attention.
  • Sorry, my phone died.
  • I’m 100% sober.
  • I won’t ghost you.
  • Important influencer.
  • I’m not that kind of girl.
  • First time drinker.
  • Not a drama queen.
  • Your hair looks great. Really.
  • I only date guys my own age.
  • I totally didn’t see that stop sign.
  • I have a 4.0.
  • I’m always on time.
  • Of course I remembered your birthday.
  • Your singing is really good.
  • Totally forgot we were meeting up.
  • I’ve been really busy lately.

White Lie Shirt Ideas For Guys

  • I don’t drink.
  • I’ve never peed in a pool.
  • I’ll hit you up later.
  • I dated the prom queen.
  • I don’t have a hangover.
  • Trust me. I’m a med student.
  • I’ve never had a traffic ticket.
  • Aced those finals.
  • You’re a really good dancer.
  • I’ll pay you back tomorrow.
  • I’m a great dancer.
  • I don’t inhale.
  • I’m not that drunk.
  • I was caught in traffic.
  • I’ve never lied to my parents.
  • I was only joking.
  • This is the best shirt party idea ever.
  • Didn’t see that NO PARKING sign.
  • I’ll call you tomorrow. Promise.
  • I didn’t know there was a dress code.

White Lie Shirt Ideas For Couples

  • We love volunteering at school.
  • She doesn’t lie about her age.
  • Of course I read his/her blog.
  • I love Fantasy Football season.
  • Your presentation was great.
  • My wife is always on time.
  • I don’t cheat at cornhole.
  • He’s good at cornhole.
  • I can’t, the baby is sleeping.
  • I am listening.
  • My husband is great with housework.
  • Never been fired.
  • I change all the diapers.
  • I do all the midnight feedings.
  • I walk the dog in the rain.
  • I don’t snore.
  • I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my eyes.
  • I love scooping kitty litter.
  • Those jeans don’t make your butt look big.
  • I love her cooking.
  • I love his BBQ.
  • I don’t know who put that dent in the car.

Naughty White Lie Shirt Ideas

You want to make it a bit more spicy at a white lie shirt party? Invite your guests to bring naughty white lies. You should be aware that this is a broad range and some guests will get really naughty with white lies shirt party lines. That limit will be exceeded by white lies men funny lines!

White Lie T-Shirt Ideas Dirty

  • I’m not wearing underwear.
  • I’ve never had a one night stand.
  • Not doing the walk of shame.
  • Size doesn’t matter.
  • Never been naked in public.
  • I’m a virgin.
  • I’ve never done this before.
  • Yes, I finished, too.
  • Carpet matches drapes.
  • Lie down I think I love you.

Important: These are white lie shirt ideas. If you do decide to make your white lie shirt party filthy / funny white lie shirt ideas naughty then make sure it is clearly stated on your white lies shirt party invitation.

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